Monday, December 12, 2011

Loro Piana Storm System (and brands that use it)

Storm System Logo inside Jacket
In the winter, there's always a tradeoff between wearing wool or a puffer down jacket.  You can look elegant in a wool coat, but when the elements hit (cold, wind, and rain) you'll ruin your coat.   Wearing that puffy down jacket will keep you warm, but it hardly looks good.

Enter the Loro Piana Storm System (or LP SS).  If you haven't heard of Loro Piana, they are one of the world's top brands, positioned up there with Hermes, LV, and Gucci.  Slightly less well known, but their fabrics are top-notch.  The Storm System technology allows wool and cashmere to be treated with a water repellent material so that water just rolls off the fabric, and the internal membrane blocks wind from getting through the jacket but allows body heat and sweat to pass through so you don't get too hot when you go inside, making it the perfect travel jacket. 

Brooks Brothers with LP SS
So what if you can't afford a Loro Piana Jacket?  It is, very, very expensive, but one of those things built to last, so you can always look for sales either at outlets or after the winter season, though they might not have your size.  (Never get a coat because it just happens to be on sale, it has to fit you and be the right one, otherwise you'll wear it once and then not wear it again...)

North Face Down Parka
My preferred way is to get the fabric through other brand names.  Many top designers use the Storm System fabric, and you might like their designs more than the traditional Loro Piana cuts.  Paul & Shark is one of my favorite brands, and the jacket I have with LP Storm System is just fantastic.  Still not cheap (~$800- $1200 range, but that's 1/3 the price of a typical LP SS Coat), and what you get is top quality (LP keeps its brand equity by only allowing expensive items to say they use LP material) that will last a lifetime.

Brands that have used Loro Piana Storm System (not exhaustive- if you know of others please comment): 
LP Anytime Cashmere SS Jacket

Alfred Dunhill
Brooks Brothers
Canada Goose 
Cardinal of Canada
Giorgio Armani
Hickey Freeman
Hugo Boss
Joseph Abboud
Loro Piana (obviously)
Luigi Bianchi Mantova
Paul & Shark
Peter Millar
Turnbull & Asser


  1. Great Post! I've heard DAKS also uses Loro Piana Storm System as well...

  2. Harry Rosen of Canada also uses Loro Piana Storm System

  3. Kjus also use it in theSpirit Collection...

  4. Harry Rosen- Canada uses it..

  5. Do you know of any conpanies that make coats for women? Canada Goose had a limited edition jacket under their Branta label but it's no longer avilable

    1. Hi Anna,

      Some of the companies definitely make coats for women, though not sure if they have the StormSystem. Canada Goose discontinued the Branta label. However CG does have some "special" editions with some retails (Uncle Otis in Canada) and The Tannery in the USA, and worth a check next fall to see what they have. Right now it is spring season, so it might be worth to wait to see what Paul & Shark has (I still believe they have a partnership).