Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Automobili Lamborghini vs Tonino Lamborghini- What's the difference?

The car maker Automobi
I was back in Hong Kong and noticed when walking there were several different Lamborghini stores in the same mall, and both right next to each other.. A bit confused, I decided to investigate a bit further.  I was at a high end supermall, so I'm sure that one wasn't just an imitation/counterfeit store, but the logos and products sold were also slightly different... what gives?

Automobili travel soft bag
Turns it both of them are actually part of Lamborghini.  The founder of the sports car firm that bears his name is Ferruccio (pronounced "fer ROO chee oh") Lamborghini, who started out building tractors.  His passion for cars led him to buy many nice cars, including Mercedes, Jaguar, & Ferrari.  The story started that the clutch of his Ferrari had some problems, and Ferrucio (at this point one of the wealthiest men in Italy due to his tractor & other businesses) went to the Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari to complain.  Either Enzo told him to go away or refused to see him, and Ferrucio saw that he could replace the clutch with one of his tractor parts.  After that Lamborghini cars were born.  Today, its known as Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.

What about the brand Tonino Lamborghini?  That comes from Ferruccio's son, Antonio "Tonino" Lamborghini, who started a clothing line with the same name in Japan.  It has now expanded to watches, leather goods, eyewear, even energy drinks!  Recently, the other "official" Lamborghini has been threatening legal action against Globe Tattoo for creating a USB stick that bears the Lamborghini name.  Apparently they used the official Lambo logo without notifying either of the Lamborghinis.  Globe does make the phones for Tonino Lamborghini s.r.l., but as a result they had to pull the USB sticks because of the issue.  Tonino Lamborghini is officially known as Tonino Lamborghini s.r.l. (

If you're getting a Lambo Laptop, get this one
So while you may not be able to buy the cars just yet, you can have a bit of Lambo by getting other products from either Automobili Lamborghini or Tonino Lamborghini.  There's even Lambo laptops (Asus makes a slim one for Tonino, but you should get the Lambo shaped one from Automobili) if you so desire.  Personally, I think Tonino's designs for clothing and bags are much better, and with the overseas manufacturing (designed in Italy, made somewhere else), it keeps the costs low.  I can vouch for the quality, as I've had a leather jacket from them as well as belts and other leather goods and they have held up fabulously.