Thursday, April 17, 2014

Saving my green tie, and finding one of the best dry cleaners in London

As someone who wears a suit and tie to work most days this was bound to happen.  You’ll get a stain on a tie.  Normally, there are two easy steps.  Step 1: Get a tie stain remover, and try it out.  Step 2: Get it dry-cleaned at your local dry cleaner.

Normally, it’s all sorted and fixed and you get on with your life.  However, what happens, if after Steps 1 and 2 you still have a stain?  And what if it’s your FAVOURITE tie that you can’t just throw it away?

Well this is when you panic and scour your city for the best tie cleaners in the world.  I thus began the search for the best tie cleaner in the area, using social media, searching online, and asking around in person. 

My green tie - can you see the stain now?
In New York: I knew the place- I believe it was Tiecrafters, where I had to go down some stairs to see the storefront.  You could tell they knew what they were talking about, with hundreds of ties lying around.  They even helped modify my tie to make it narrower.  But in London, where would I go after my local dry cleaner (who had been selected after a thorough trial and error process) had failed?

Luckily I now live in London and didn’t have to search too far.  I found one with a royal warrant, (i.e. the Prince of Wales uses them for dry cleaning, so probably know what they are doing) and went to them for a visit.  Unlike my local dry cleaner that charges £3-5 for a tie, this one charged £13.75.  £13.75!  What?  But as someone who really liked that tie and couldn’t think of replacing it (not to mention I doubt if I would ever find it again), I promptly paid and hoped a week later it would be ok.

A week later I showed up, and was presented with a newly cleaned tie.   Even then lady behind the counter was amazed with the tie--- “Wow this is a really nice tie, and I see a lot of nice ties here”.  Yes indeed, which is why I spent a fortune saving my green tie. 

So where is the place do you ask?  Why it’s Jeeves of Belgravia.  Check it out.  You’ll be glad you did. 

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