Sunday, July 15, 2012

Saphir Shoe Products in London

Saphir is widely considered one of the best shoe care products in the world.  If you're spending a lot of money to get very good shoes, you might as well get some good maintenance products to keep them in good shape.

However, you'd be quite surprised how hard it is to find after I moved to UK from the USA.  Even though its a French product (and thus much closer to the UK), it somehow is harder to find in the London than it is in big US cities.  J.M. Weston, a top shoemaker from France (with UK branches) apparently re-brands Saphir products as its own, and Jon Lobb, another top U.K. bootmaker apparently does as well.  Not sure if its true, but it was quite difficult to find branded Saphir in the United Kingdom.

Thankfully, due to the post below and the internet, there are a couple options:

1. Online: 
These three websites below sell it.  I've personally ordered from afinepairofshoes and had it delivered to me personally no problem.

2. In Person: 
Sometimes, it is better to go in person and see the products for yourself.  The only place in London so far that I have found it is in South Kensington, at Chelsea Green Shoe Repairs at 31 Elystan St, Kensington, SW3.  I personally went there this week (and last) to pick up some Saphir creams, polishes, saddle soap, and renovateur!  The only problem is that they close 5:30 on weekdays, so it may be hard to get to after work- however sometimes the people inside work late, and thus I've been able to knock on the door and they have been generous enough to let me in for 5-10 minutes.

You can always go on EBAY (I believe Chelsea Green Shoe has their own website), though obvously you have to worry about whether the products are real or not.

Originally found on the link below!

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