Friday, September 30, 2011

Magazines and Books to Read

Get this.  Full Stop.

So besides from seeing your hairstylist and asking stylish friends, where do you go for tips?  Well check out the typical magazines for men on style- GQ, Details, Esquire, etc.  In fact I recommend the top three, and one more book- the BlackBook by Esquire.  This is probably the best book to real- it comes biannually with a fall/winter season and a spring/summer season.  A really great read, with a lot of good tips on what to buy, how to take care of your belongings (i.e. how to shine shoes), how to pack, and all other interesting details that are worth if it if you're interested in dressing well.

Do Not Get this for Fashion
While I do like the regular GQ Magazines (both the UK and US versions are great), the GQ Style Magazine is... not very good.  They call themselves "The Definitive Guide to Men's Fashion," and I can assure you its not.  A lot of the pictures in the book are black and white, which gives it a very cool factor, but not very helpful when you are trying to see the picture and what color it actually is.  Oh and if you want to buy it?  Well there's no price.  Yes no prices on the pages of anything shown- which usually means its very- Very, VERY expensive.  Not really ideal.  the also don't say where to get it, just by Kenzo, or by Hermes.  Which isn't bad (you could just go to the store), but would it really be too difficult to put in a web address or phone number?  Really?

Anyway, some of the stories are indeed interesting, but I still don't think you should pay for this at any price (it was £6).  Just go on the website and look at the different categories.  GQ has a pretty good online website, as do the others. is also another interesting site that has some good information.  Also some of the forums are quite good- like askandyaboutclothes, but this is when you're comparing ABC item with ABY item- for beginners just stick with the magazines.

There are of course great books out there, and I'd definitely recommend Alan Flusser's Dressing the Man.  The authority on fashion, Alan Flusser dressed Michael Douglas on the original and sequel of the movie Wall Street.  He also has another book, called "Style and the Man: How and Where to Buy the Best Men's Clothing".  I would check that book out as well.

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