Friday, September 30, 2011

Your Hair Stylist

While my site plans to help one develop his/her own classic style, many people want to try different styles, or have no idea what style is.  For those who say they don't know anyone "stylish," I would say go find a friend of a friend who is-probably someone who goes out quite a bit should know how to dress (though not always!).  However if you still can't find anyone, talking to your hair stylist can be the next best option.

When I mean Hair Stylist, this is not the person you go for for $7 quick cuts, or a place that looks more like a factory for quick haircuts.  I'm talking about an actual upscale salon where you would probably see women get their hair done as well.  Your new fashion stylist is probably very hip, with earrings, possibly a nose ring, long hair (as a guy), highlights, a shirt with holes in them, and maybe wears a hat when on the street.  That's the type of person you want to talk to-someone at the cutting edge of style.   

Besides from cutting your hair, your stylist is probably a great person for tips on style.  A good one will know what haircut frames your face well, what color makes you look good, and obviously what clothes will flatter you.  So while getting your hair done you can ask for some tips as well.  While you should pay attention to what your stylist is wearing (and others around too), you obviously should not try to dress like him/her.  But if you can find something in their clothing that you like (perhaps a bracelet or shirt they were wearing), you can think about integrating it into your own clothing repertoire to develop your own style.

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