Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Questions + Answers

During my days at McKinsey, dressing formally was part of job.  If you were not seeing clients, then you didn't always need a suit and tie, but overall you did have to dress well.  However, the definition of "dressing well" seems to very person by person.  They always say a man should have a nice watch -but I saw countless of senior partners with Mickey Mouse watches.  Just kidding!  However, I have seen many (usually American) with ugly cheap watches, and there was one head of a practice who always wore his digital watch (which I believe was a Timex) under his very expensive suit.  I really didn't understand it, but I sure noticed.  He might as well not wear a watch, because every time he wanted to know the time he would check his Blackberry!

Over the years, Associates (post-MBA hires) would ask me where I got my suits, other folk I worked with day to day would ask me for advice, and even one HR person who started her own fashion consulting firm said I didn't need fashion advice (I asked to be a client of hers and she said "you don't need my help, you have fab style!") 

So I decided to start a Q+A Section, where I could answer these random questions on male fashion questions.  I believe for women its easy- they have so many girlfriends that can help them, and they constantly critique one another.  It's not that men can't do this (though it is more uncomfortable - "hey that doesn't look right"), its just for some reason in today's casual dressed world there aren't many role models out there who dress well.  It doesn't have to be just fashion, but we'll start from there.  If you have a question you would like answered, just post on the comments below.  

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