Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Kent Brushes

A selection of amazing combs I purchased
Kent Brushes calls themselves "The Worlds Finest Brushes" since 1777.  Not sure if they are the finest, but they certainly have been around for the longest amount of time.

Imagine my delight when I discovered that there was a brand of brushes with the same name as me!!!  I had never known about this old English brand until a year living in England.  It had my name on it, so obviously I had to order a couple.  I first started with the handmade combs, which are saw cut, and then hand polished so that they do not damage your hair or scalp.  I have to say, it was quite amazing that even if my name was not Kent I would still make it the only brand of combs that I use!

(Please note that Kent Brushes do not compensate me in anyway- though I wish they would- afterall I am giving them free advetising and my name is Kent.  I wouldn't mind them give me free brushes!)

Excellent Kent Mini Travel Brushes
In addition to combs, they obviously make brushes for different uses- clothes brushes for your clothes (much more economical than a lint roller, and it restores the nap of your suits/coats), body brushes for the bath (I'm not sure if I would recommend as these probably won't last forever being in the shower), and even toothbrushes as well (I recommend the small Kent mini for your travels). 

However, the crown jewels are what Kent originally started out making- hairbrushes.  Kent Hairbrushes are even more amazing.  They offer everything from the affordable £20 brush to the top of the line handmade with ebony wood £145 brush.  The best thing is that these brushes last forever- the main difference in the price is the type of wood used, and how much % of it is handmade.  I would recommend he ones in the £40 range, as these offer exceptional quality at a fraction of cost of a handmade one.  I've used them and found them much better at brushing (and more prickly) than other hairbrushes- that's because they are actually stiff enough to go through all of your hair!  (There are softer versions as well)

MN11, at £40 I recommend this one
If you're still thinking £20-£40 is too much for a brush, consider this:  These things last forever.  So well that they have a Royal Warrant with the Queen.  With proper care, these things could last decades.  So say you buy the £20 hairbrush and use it for 10 years, well that's £2 a year.  Or you could use it much longer, as shown by a raving review from a friend I know:

"I've used Kent brushes my entire adult life. They're so much better than the plastic crap everyone else sells. They last for decades - I just replaced my last one (which was from the 1970s I think) with a new one last year (2011)."

Royal Warrants for 9 reigns
So if you do the math on that one, that's like 30-40 years!  Obviously in this day and age you probably won't use a brush for that long, but its great to know that it can last a lifetime. 

The website is quite informative- it also has a program that based on your hair type recommends a brush for you- quite useful indeed.  The only downside about this is that its much cheaper to buy in the UK, and that people in the USA and around the world will have to resort to Amazon, Ebay, or other specialist websites to find these great brushes from Kent.

CP6, for cashmere and delicate coats- no more lint rollers!

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